Stop Strangers From Entering Your Building

Stop Strangers From Entering Your Building

Raise your security with our card reading systems

Don’t leave your doors open for anyone to wander in. Alpine Electronics And Communications puts in card access systems so you can control who enters your building. Businesses can limit entrance to employees, and apartments can keep non-residents from coming inside.

We also install these card readers in parking garages. This keeps spots open for employees or residents at certain locations by preventing others from parking. We can complete installation right away. You’ll be able to control residential or commercial locations more easily.

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Protect people against strangers and trespassers

Card readers save business owners and landlords a lot of grief. We make it possible for you to:

  • Provide adequate parking for your employees
  • Keep residents of your apartment building safe
  • Stop angry customers from showing up at your work
We can also install bio-readers, which scan fingerprints and use facial recognition to allow access. These provide more heightened security than card readers alone because fingerprints cannot be replicated or stolen.

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