Protect Yourself and Your Property

Protect Yourself and Your Property

Keep a close eye on your home or business

Are you worried about theft or break-ins? Ask Alpine Electronics And Communications about installing security cameras. We’ll provide quality cameras so you can keep an eye on your property. We can also connect your new cameras to customer alarm systems to aid in theft detection.

Cameras help you keep watch over:

  • Merchandise and inventory
  • Storefronts and service counters
  • Employees in breakrooms
  • Building exteriors
  • Children
Call now to make your environment safer with new cameras.

Use the right software with the cameras we install

We recommend IC Realtime camera software. It’s easy for you to use once your cameras have been installed. This program is mobile-friendly and works on Windows operating systems.

We can also install Nest Hello, which works similar to doorbells. These video doorbells let you see who’s knocking at your door, even when you’re not at home.

Contact us today to find out more about surveillance options.